In Home Parties

Celebrate Well!
As we all get more and more time pressed, Sourced crafts the perfect cocktails in your home for all life’s big and small moments so you can enjoy your time with family and friends!

How it works? 
Select from any one of our cocktail experiences, share your information about your party in our Request a Quote form (Click Book Now at the Bottom of this page or Request a Quote Box on Bottom Left of your Screen), and received a personalized menu and proposal within 48 hours for your in home party. 
Approve the proposal and we’ll source EVERYTHING including a TABC certified and Sourced trained mixologist right to your door! We hand craft cocktails, serve beer/wine, and bring everything in/out so you can have fun.

What kind of in home experiences? 
Pause. Celebrate the moments that matter in life. And do so in a way that maximizes your time and experience. We source it all!

We love the opportunity to be of service in the following events:

1. Birthday Parties
2. Holiday Parties
3. Kid’s Birthday Parties (Mock tails for the kids with fresh ingredients and full strength for the adults! Beats the heck out of another Saturday Bday party at the local Bounce House).
4. Friend Gatherings
5. Sports Viewing Parties
6. Wedding Showers
7. Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
8. Retirement Parties
9. Graduation
10. Dinner Parties
11. Book Clubs
12. It’s a “Tuesday” night and I want to drink well parties

Yes, you deserve the celebration of life…and we’ll source everything for you!

Who develops your personalized menu and all Sourced Craft Cocktails? 
Brian Floyd (aka Floyd), one of the top mixologist in the world, is a partner and the Cocktail Creative Director. Floyd and Tim (Founder/Owner) sit down every morning and build a menu after vigorous debate for every request we receive. We love the creative process as the fun for us is learning about your event and directly telling your story through the cocktail!

How does the legal work? 
Sourced Craft Cocktails holds everything from a Carrier’s Permit to a Mixed Beverage Permit and many in between. Every single person that works for Sourced, including the Founder, is TABC Certified. While we’re always “fun,” we take safety and legally selling and serving alcohol with great care and dedication.

A few very important ground rules:

1. Delivery: The person who purchases the experience must be present and have a valid government issued id that indicates they are over 21 years old AND the credit card used to purchase the experience. Our delivery mixologist cannot leave or serve the experience without the purchasing consumer being present and having these two forms of identification. 
2. Service: If the Sourced mixologist is staying, they reserve the right to refuse service to any one that is not of age or is visibly intoxicated. We want to ensure the safety of everyone involved and take great care to maintain proper service. 
3.Payment: Each and every client must purchase the experience before the delivery can occur. Sourced is a carrier of the alcohol offered to you by a local retailer. Once the payment is received, the Sourced mixologist will pick up the spirits and deliver it in the fastest route possible to you.

What does your experience include? 

  • TABC certified and Sourced trained mixologist
  • Finest Spirits, craft/domestic beers, wine/champagne
  • All ingredients including fresh squeezed juices, homemade syrups/bitters, and hand cut fruit
  • All glassware and bar tools
  • All ice including hand cut rocks, spears, and Scotsman as appropriate to your cocktail selection
  • Physical bars when requested
  • Load in and Load out with complete clean up. Our momma’s taught us to leave every space we enter in better shape than when we arrived!

We’d love the opportunity to be of service so share the details of your next in home party with the Book Now Button!


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