5 Reasons Why Portable Bars make Weddings Better

Spring wedding season is almost upon us, and as the weather heats up, so does the wedding planning industry. Need a unique touch for your wedding that won’t soon be forgotten? Portable bars are a perfect option for couples looking to tie the knot in style. Here are the 5 reasons why a portable bar is the best choice for your big day.

1. Ceremony to Reception

Your wedding planner will thank you for the ease a portable bar brings to transitioning between the phases of your special day, from pre-ceremony cocktails to the champagne toast and everything in between.

2. Easy setup and teardown

Mobile bars are low maintenance and take very little time to set-up and clean-up, making them a great choice for any wedding venue with a possibility of unforeseen circumstances such as weather variants or last minute changes. Besides, with the bar able to pack-up and move so easily, you have the freedom to decide where a bar works best in your venue.

3. A More Budget-Friendly Option

Do you need to cut some costs on catering but don’t want to sacrifice quality? Mobile bars and bartenders are a cost effective option for anyone on a budget that still wants to make a splash and give their guests a unique experience.  

4. Signature Drinks

Mobile bars allow for the opportunity to pick what your guests will drink. We have all been at one of those weddings where a few guests get a little too wild with the libations. Combat this with a customized drinks that will satisfy your guests but give you peace of mind as well.

5. Aesthetic

Nothing beats the feeling of walking into a space and having beautiful signature drinks delivered. It’s an extra touch that tells your guests that you want this day to be special for them as well.

At Sourced Cocktails, we bring the mobile bar experience to you. We love creating special moments with unique, curated cocktails, as we know the first question wedding guests often have is “where’s the bar?” Give them an experience to remember.

Ready to take the plunge? Take a look at our unique portable bar packages and contact us today to reserve your portable bar service!


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Crafting the Perfect Cocktail: Our Process is Simple

We get the question a lot: How do you decide what to put into event cocktails? It’s true that every event has a unique signature look and feel, you wouldn’t prepare for a wedding the same way you might prepare for a corporate event or a festival. We love taking the time to learn about the reason behind a celebration and the unique personalities or businesses that make up an event. Here is our process for curating the perfect cocktails for your event.

Step 1: Who are you?

We take our jobs as curators seriously. It is important to us to get to know our clients on a more personal level so we can properly choose the best ingredients to make their event special. The look and feel of your event is a reflection of you, so in order to put the best foot forward, we try to narrow down the important keywords to your event. Do you want it to be fun, whimsical, refined, cozy, rustic, or anything in between? We love this part because we get to learn about what makes you special and how we can work to make your event both novel and noteworthy.

Step 2: How do you want your guests to feel?

When your guests walk into your event and see your custom cocktails, how do you want them to feel? When you take the time to curate your cocktails for the event, your guests see that you put in the extra effort to make them feel spoiled and special. This helps us decide the kind of liquor to use, do you want something bubbly and celebratory or elegant and cultured, or maybe a bit of both?

Step 3: How daring are you?

Garnishings, garnishings, garnishings. Events with flavor are the most memorable, and garninshings and mixers can make all the difference. Here at Sourced Craft Cocktails, we love to experiment with all kinds of different spices, toppers, syrups, glasses, and anything else you can imagine. The sky is the limit when you want to create a truly unique event that your guests won’t soon forget!

Ready to be brave? Contact us today to curate your next event!

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How to Dress up Champagne for the Perfect Winter Wedding

Champagne is a staple at every wedding. It has become a poignant symbol of celebration, and even gives us the excuse to pull out the fancy flutes and watch those bubbles float. We love champagne, but sometimes we crave a little variation, especially for a winter wedding. Here are a couple of our favorite ways to dress up champagne for your wedding.

The Lava Lamp

If you have seen any of our previous blogs, you know we at Sourced Cocktails love pomegranates in the winter time. They are in-season in the winter, so they are more tasty than ever and provide the perfect tang to make any cocktail unique. Since champagne tends to be more of a summer drink, we love adding pomegranate to the bubbles to achieve the fun lava lamp look.

The French 75

For the couple who looks for a refined, crisp look and taste, the French 75 is the perfect choice. The flavors of gin, lemon, and champagne are a great representation of perfect harmony. The gin provides a strong and fresh undertone while the champagne provides a sense of fun and whimsy and the lemon packs a punch of pucker, the perfect pregame to that true love kiss. Plus, we love that this cocktail looks like a glass full of snow.

The Black Velvet

Hold on to your veils, this one is out there. You may think the combination of champagne and Guinness stout sounds insane, but it is simply satisfying. For the drink buff who doesn’t prefer anything too sugary, the champagne in this seemingly odd pairing just provides a crisp aftertaste that actually compliments the rich taste of the stout, making this the perfect unique treat to surprise your guests with.

Have an idea to dress up your winter wedding with a champagne cocktail? Tell us your ideas and contact us today to start planning your wedding cocktail entertainment!

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5 New Years Garnishings to Put Your Drinks Over the Top

Want to make your New Years party one to remember but don’t know how to give your drinks the extra kick? Look no further. Here at Sourced Cocktails, we are all about the garnishings. Here are our favorite choices for New Years Eve garnishings that will help your party stand out. Need more help deciding? Our drink professionals at Sourced Cocktails are happy to help. 

1. Umbrellas: there are many that flee to a beach setting for vacation, but for the rest of us, a nice umbrella in our drink gives us the feeling we’re on vacation, even in sweater weather.

2. Sparklers: slightly dangerous when ingested, but give a good 20 seconds of entertainment, good timing for the perfect Snapchat or a fun Instagram. They also can work with any drink, whether creamy, fruity, or bubbly. Cheers!

3. Fresh spices: cloves, cinnamon, and coriander, oh my! Check out our last blog on why we love using the clove in our drinks and add a little flavor to your garnishings today!

4. Anything pomegranate: the rinds add color and the seeds are one of our favorite winter flavors. The perfect combination. Pomegranate is full of antioxidants and adds flavor to anything you add it to. 

5. Chopped Nuts: whether walnuts or candied pecans, this time of year is defined by roasted nuts. A White Russian is not complete without the nutty flavor a roasted pecan adds, and it’s the perfect wintertime treat.

Check out our other blog posts for more cocktail recipes or contact us for more information on how to make the best garnishes for your New Years bash! 

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Top Trends of 2017: The Bramble Bar

Here at Sourced Cocktails we are always on the hunt for the most unique combinations and ingredients. A big trend we have seen in 2017 is a focus on adding color and bright flavor to a drink palette, adding our special twists to make our client’s events stand out. Here’s the low-down on how we jazz up one of our favorite traditional Southern drinks:The Bramble.

A Bramble, by definition, is a mixture of dry gin, lemon juice, a pinch of sugar, and blackberries. The drink was named for the blackberry bushes themselves, called brambles. The drink is popular for the minty, refreshing taste of the juniper complimenting the tang of the berries. Berries are a particularly good to muddle in drinks because of their long seasons and their versatility as a flavor-maker. Here at Sourced Cocktails, we decided to take the Bramble one step further, experimenting with all kinds of different berries and spirits. Personalization is a big part of our specialty bars, and we take pride in offering a variety of ways to curate your cocktails. So regardless if you have more of a sweet tooth or you take your drinks poured stiff, we have the perfect drink to whet your whistle.

Our Bramble bar showcases 4 different types of berries and 4 options for spirits, making it one of our favorite options for a 2017 New Years Eve party. Make your drinks as bright as the confetti you’ll throw and ring in the new year with one of our specialty cocktail bars. Our Bramble bar also makes a great addition for a wedding, networking event, or even a festival. The sky is the limit with the versatility of this twist on this old time southern traditional favorite.  Check out all our specialty cocktail bars or contact us to customize your New Years party or special event!

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