Spice it Up: 5 Must-Have Fall Drink Mixers

Fall is the time to experiment. The chill in the air and the bright bold color of the leaves allows for new ingredients to be thrown into the mix that wouldn’t quite fit in a summer poolside cocktail. Here are some of our favorite mixers to use in fall-inspired crafted drinks here at Sourced Cocktails.

  1. Ginger Beer: Sugar, spice, and everything nice. Ginger beer is the perfect balance of flavor and refreshing taste, and the sweet sometimes even spicy zing can make for the perfect base for your favorite drinks. Try a fall moscow mule with added cinnamon or try mixing with apple cider for a sweet burst with a kick.

  2. Cinnamon: First of all, you don’t always have to take the red-hot approach to cinnamon. Have you ever tried cinnamon and sugar with butter on toast? Make a spin-off of this fall time treat with a vanilla-infused vodka, a couple cinnamon cloves, and simple syrup. Plus, think of how fancy your glass will look with a couple of cinnamon sticks hanging out of the end. Very instagram-worthy,

  3. Apple Cider: Never underestimate the power of a spiked warm cider when strolling through the pumpkin patch. Apple cider is the perfect sweet addition to make a spiced drink more multi-season-friendly. This mixer will never go out of style, and as a bonus is actually both semi-nutritious and semi-hydrating.

  4. Caramel syrup: Sweet and satisfying. Caramel creates a unique taste, and mixed with the right drinks can be both aesthetically and tastefully pleasing. Try using caramel as a rim for your next appletini. It will remind you of caramel lollipops in a fun way that won’t make you all sticky.

  5. Cranberry juice: Turns out, more than just for the health benefits. Cranberry juice is for the winter cocktail party when you don’t want to overwhelm your guests with anything too sweet, but you want to deviate from the simplistic question of “white or red?” It also adds a festive hue to all your fall and winter cocktails that will make them look irresistible.

Falltime mixers have your tastebuds tingling? Contact us to reserve Sourced Cocktails for your next event!

Terrence Gordon