The Ultimate Storytellers: How your Craft Cocktails Add to your Event

You’re planning the ultimate get together. You have the perfect venue, unique decorations, and all the amenities to have a great event. However, you’re not quite feeling like it’s complete. You need that cherry on top, the one thing that can take your event from being a fun time to something truly memorable. To dissect this problem, you have to ask the question you know your guests are going to ask when they walk through the door: “Where’s the bar?”

When craft cocktails are done correctly and tailored specifically to your event, they can tell a story. Take weddings for example. Imagine you have all the classic pieces of a wedding put together. The scene is adorned with flowers, the cake is exquisite, and the guests are dressed to the nines. It has all the ingredients of a classic wedding, but this bride and groom took their love story to the next level with custom cocktails. The groom, being an outgoing lawyer, opts for a cocktail to match, a whiskey sour that packs a punch. The bride, on the other hand, is a nurse known for her compassion and charm, and picks a bubbly champagne cooler with some fresh fruit. Together their cocktails tell a story. They compliment each other, and make each other stronger, and without knowing it, have provided their guests a story for the rest of the party. This is an example of the kind of stories we tell at Sourced Cocktails, for a wide variety of events and gatherings.

Your guests deserve the very best, and with premium ingredients and creative presentation, we can help you make your event the talk of the town. We specialize in a wide range of events, from weddings to open houses, corporate retreats, and everything in between.

Your story is waiting to be told. Let us help you craft your message and tell your story with our professional mixologists at Sourced Cocktails. Click here to book now!

Terrence Gordon