Top Trends of 2017: The Bramble Bar

Here at Sourced Cocktails we are always on the hunt for the most unique combinations and ingredients. A big trend we have seen in 2017 is a focus on adding color and bright flavor to a drink palette, adding our special twists to make our client’s events stand out. Here’s the low-down on how we jazz up one of our favorite traditional Southern drinks:The Bramble.

A Bramble, by definition, is a mixture of dry gin, lemon juice, a pinch of sugar, and blackberries. The drink was named for the blackberry bushes themselves, called brambles. The drink is popular for the minty, refreshing taste of the juniper complimenting the tang of the berries. Berries are a particularly good to muddle in drinks because of their long seasons and their versatility as a flavor-maker. Here at Sourced Cocktails, we decided to take the Bramble one step further, experimenting with all kinds of different berries and spirits. Personalization is a big part of our specialty bars, and we take pride in offering a variety of ways to curate your cocktails. So regardless if you have more of a sweet tooth or you take your drinks poured stiff, we have the perfect drink to whet your whistle.

Our Bramble bar showcases 4 different types of berries and 4 options for spirits, making it one of our favorite options for a 2017 New Years Eve party. Make your drinks as bright as the confetti you’ll throw and ring in the new year with one of our specialty cocktail bars. Our Bramble bar also makes a great addition for a wedding, networking event, or even a festival. The sky is the limit with the versatility of this twist on this old time southern traditional favorite.  Check out all our specialty cocktail bars or contact us to customize your New Years party or special event!

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