5 New Years Garnishings to Put Your Drinks Over the Top

Want to make your New Years party one to remember but don’t know how to give your drinks the extra kick? Look no further. Here at Sourced Cocktails, we are all about the garnishings. Here are our favorite choices for New Years Eve garnishings that will help your party stand out. Need more help deciding? Our drink professionals at Sourced Cocktails are happy to help. 

1. Umbrellas: there are many that flee to a beach setting for vacation, but for the rest of us, a nice umbrella in our drink gives us the feeling we’re on vacation, even in sweater weather.

2. Sparklers: slightly dangerous when ingested, but give a good 20 seconds of entertainment, good timing for the perfect Snapchat or a fun Instagram. They also can work with any drink, whether creamy, fruity, or bubbly. Cheers!

3. Fresh spices: cloves, cinnamon, and coriander, oh my! Check out our last blog on why we love using the clove in our drinks and add a little flavor to your garnishings today!

4. Anything pomegranate: the rinds add color and the seeds are one of our favorite winter flavors. The perfect combination. Pomegranate is full of antioxidants and adds flavor to anything you add it to. 

5. Chopped Nuts: whether walnuts or candied pecans, this time of year is defined by roasted nuts. A White Russian is not complete without the nutty flavor a roasted pecan adds, and it’s the perfect wintertime treat.

Check out our other blog posts for more cocktail recipes or contact us for more information on how to make the best garnishes for your New Years bash! 

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