How to Dress up Champagne for the Perfect Winter Wedding

Champagne is a staple at every wedding. It has become a poignant symbol of celebration, and even gives us the excuse to pull out the fancy flutes and watch those bubbles float. We love champagne, but sometimes we crave a little variation, especially for a winter wedding. Here are a couple of our favorite ways to dress up champagne for your wedding.

The Lava Lamp

If you have seen any of our previous blogs, you know we at Sourced Cocktails love pomegranates in the winter time. They are in-season in the winter, so they are more tasty than ever and provide the perfect tang to make any cocktail unique. Since champagne tends to be more of a summer drink, we love adding pomegranate to the bubbles to achieve the fun lava lamp look.

The French 75

For the couple who looks for a refined, crisp look and taste, the French 75 is the perfect choice. The flavors of gin, lemon, and champagne are a great representation of perfect harmony. The gin provides a strong and fresh undertone while the champagne provides a sense of fun and whimsy and the lemon packs a punch of pucker, the perfect pregame to that true love kiss. Plus, we love that this cocktail looks like a glass full of snow.

The Black Velvet

Hold on to your veils, this one is out there. You may think the combination of champagne and Guinness stout sounds insane, but it is simply satisfying. For the drink buff who doesn’t prefer anything too sugary, the champagne in this seemingly odd pairing just provides a crisp aftertaste that actually compliments the rich taste of the stout, making this the perfect unique treat to surprise your guests with.

Have an idea to dress up your winter wedding with a champagne cocktail? Tell us your ideas and contact us today to start planning your wedding cocktail entertainment!

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