Bar Cart Tool Essentials: Sourced Craft Cocktails Edition

Having the appropriate barware and cocktail equipment is key to crafting a cocktail you’re proud of. Stocking up on bar cart tool essentials doesn’t have to be an arduous or stressful process, simply stick to the basics. The Sourced Craft Cocktails team has pulled together a most basic list of bar cart tool essentials every aspiring home mixologist should have.



Precision is key, especially when mixing the most elaborate of cocktails. Having a jigger on hand will ensure that you can pour with precision. A larger and smaller end offer the flexibility to measure out a variety of ingredients.

Wooden Muddler

Many a mixed drink (mojito, anyone?) call for some muddling. Oftentimes used to muddle together citrus, herbs and simple syrup, a wooden muddle will help extract the distinct flavors of each ingredients.

Mixing Beaker

Not all cocktails were designed to be shaken, some specifically need to be stirred. Classics like a manhattan or a martini fall in the stirred category. A  mixing beaker is just the tool you need to appropriately mix a well-balanced cocktail.

Cocktail Stirrer

That cocktail you just made in your mixing beaker will need to be properly stirred, after all! A long-handed cocktail stirrer will do just the trick while keeping your fingers from touching the cocktail.

Hawthorne Strainer

You’ll need to rely on a hawthorne strainer for any drinks you craft in your mixing beaker. Trust us, it’s worth the nominal investment and will keep you from fishing ice out of your cocktail glass with a spoon or, worse, diluting the cocktail you worked so hard to mix.


Undoubtedly a staple of any bar cart, our bar cart tool essentials list wouldn’t be complete without a shaker. There are a slew of shaker options available, we recommend finding one you deem most comfortable to shake up whiskey sours, daiquiris and margaritas.

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