3 Must-Have Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Elements

Turning the corner into May means that it’s planning time for one of our favorite annual celebrations, Cinco de Mayo! There are a few must-have party elements we recommend for every successful Cinco de Mayo party. Ditch the peel and stick mustache set and follow our lead to plan a refined celebration.


Top-Notch Liquor

Tip your margarita back to celebrate Mexico’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla back in the 1860’s. Since we’re in the business of crafting cocktails, it’s no surprise that top-notch liquor is high on  our must- have list. Tequila is a given but be sure not to leave mezcal off the list. One of our go-to’s is El Silencio Espadin. Distilled in Oaxaca, this mezcal is hand made in small batches and it truly shows. We enjoy it so much that we use it in the crafting of our pineapple and jalapeno dominated cocktail gem, the tarantino. It’s sleek, black matte bottle also makes for a polished addition to any bar.

Vibrant Accents

A woven serape, or Mexican blanket, is a statement accent that is sure to turn heads at your party. Introduce bright colors at the dinner table with embroidered linen, clay dishware and colored flatware. Vibrant, colored accents serve as a tasteful nod to Mexican tradition and culture.

Festive Glassware

Envision those hand-blown and colorful speckled glassware you’ve undoubtedly seen at restaurants. Buy a complete set or mix things up for your party by buying a few margarita glasses, a pitcher and some tumblers to lend to the festive mood at your Cinco de Mayo party. Since this pebble glassware is hand-blown, no two glasses will be exactly the same. A traditional Mexican margarita glass makes for a great party favor, too!

There you have it, three must-have elements for your Cinco de Mayo Fiesta as brought to you by Sourced Craft Cocktails!

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