You and 4,000 of your best friends coming over to hang at Willie Nelson’s Ranch? Oh, for a highly curated music festival of influencers that celebrates the spirit of SxSW...a collaboration of cowboy country and indie rock that creates the idea exchange that makes this country great all the time. 

Sourced Craft Cocktails has you covered with 31,000 highly crafted cocktails in 12 hours of service with 10 different cocktail bars built for spirits partner features and a consumer journey throughout the festival. 

Our Festival Services Include: 

  • Event Footprint Collaboration for Consumer Journey through Cocktails 
  • Potential Spirits Sponsor Introductions and Product Integration 
  • Full Beverage Menu Creation and Ownable Spirits Partner Branded Bar Creation 
  • Sourcing All Alcohol, Fresh Juice, Homemade Syrups/Bitters, Mixers, Glassware/Bar Tools and everything else related to delivering a flawless experience 
  • Delivering Career Mixologists from the best cocktail bars in Texas that are Ambassadors for Sourced Craft Cocktails on a regular basis 
  • Legal Permitting for every type of experience the festival would like to see created (including non profit offering cocktail experience for free as well as festival directly monetizing the cocktail experience on a per drink basis)

You focus on the festival details…we cover everything related to the alcohol, craft thoughtful experiences to tell your story, and offer consumers cocktails like a Basil Hayden Old Fashioned over a Hand Cut Rock at a Willie Nelson Ranch “pickin’ party” cause that is something fully differentiated from anything else on the festival schedule.


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