Old Fashioned
Old Fashioned
Old Fashioned
Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned, the original, the king, the OG, the George Washington of cocktails, the Elvis Presley of booze.More than 150 years ago, long before the word 'cocktail' was being popularly used, people mixed liquor with sugar and water. Bitter tinctures followed, and no further evolution was necessary with the Old Fashioned.

While there are many variations on this recipe, our classic brings you one of the finest cocktails on earth.

Bulleit Bourbon
As a tavern keeper in 1830s in Louisville, Kentucky, Augustus Bulleit was dedicated to a single goal: the creation of bourbon unique in flavor. After experimenting with countless varieties, he finally came upon bourbon with the character he had long sought after and we enjoy immensely today.

Angostura Bitters
While the exact recipe is a closely held secret that only 5 people in the world know completely, this aromatic bitters offers hints of cardamom, nutmeg and cinnamon that is the key ingredient to the Old Fashioned.

Rock Ice
The size and shape of the ice used plays a key role in how drinks taste. Our larger, hand cut, ice rock melts slowly and releases less water into the drink allowing the last sip to taste as good as the first.

  • TABC certified and Sourced trained mixologist
  • Bulleit Bourbon
  • Sugar cube
  • Angostura bitters
  • Fresh orange peel
  • Rock ice
  • Bar jigger
  • Muddler
  • Stir spoon
  • Double rocks glasses (number of glasses assumes 2 drinks served per glass)