Sourced Barrel Aged Cocktails
Sourced Barrel Aged Cocktails
Sourced Barrel Aged Cocktails
Sourced Barrel Aged Cocktails
Sourced Barrel Aged Cocktails
Sourced Barrel Aged Cocktails
Sourced Barrel Aged Cocktails

Sourced Barrel Aged Cocktails

As we all journey on our path, the collection of life's moments, both big and small, are what stay with us. The time we commit to them and the people we are fortunate to spend them with are what we will always remember. At Sourced Craft Cocktails, we are grateful to help you mark these moments by celebrating well with our Barrel Aged Cocktails that have been crafted to perfection!

Introducing the Sourced Barrel Aged Cocktails Collection:

We’ve taken great care to build 12 different cocktails, each aging in a 5 liter barrel charred to our specifications for the smoothest taste, and served to perfection over our hand cut ice rock for your enjoyment any time!

How do you enjoy Sourced Barrel Aged Cocktail Collections?

Monthly Subscription: Want to enjoy perfect cocktails at any of life’s moments? We bring you hand cut ice rocks and the barrel with 60 cocktails aging inside…you enjoy any time, all month and then we come to replace your empty barrel with the next month’s aged cocktails!

2. Special Occasion: If you have a special event coming up and you’d like the finest cocktail with literally the turn of a wooden nozzle, this is it! You can purchase any one of our 12 Barrel Aged Cocktails and keep the barrel to enjoy for a month.

So what happens in the barrel? We arrive at your home or office, prepare the 5 liters of that month’s cocktail (60 cocktails) into the Sourced charred barrel, and allow it to age over the course of the month sitting in your office ready to be enjoyed at ANY time. Like Whiskey, Bourbon, and Scotch, barreling allows flavoring from the wood and charring to be added to the balance of acidity, sweetness and ethanol. Uniquely, barrel aging a cocktail also provides a forum for melding of flavoring to a much greater extent. So our barrel aged collections offer deeper flavoring complexity with a significantly smoother finish!

How does this monthly program work? You sign up for our monthly program (or give as a gift!) and we source the following on the first Monday of every month:
1. 5 Liter Sourced Charred Barrel (60 Cocktails per month)
2. All Ingredients and Spirits
3. Mixologist to make the cocktail batch in your office, store, or home
4. Box of 60 hand cut ice rocks placed in your freezer

5. Fun and educational brochure that describes the history and process of the cocktail and barreling.

You enjoy the cocktails all month for any and all occasions…Office happy hour, celebrating a big business win, friends coming over for a sporting event, or book club. We come the first Friday of the next month to pick up your barrel and bring you the next experience! We charge the credit card on file on the first day of the month and you can cancel or pause at ANY time. Going to the mountains in August…no problem…either bring the barrel with you to Colorado or pause for a month!

What are the cocktails? Ah, this is the special part as we’ve built the largest, most thoroughly researched Barrel Aged Cocktails Collection in the country:
  • TX Pecan Old Fashioned ($400 monthly)
  • Negroni ($400 monthly)
  • Whiskey Skiffer ($400 monthly)
  • Manhattan ($400 monthly)
  • American Trilogy ($400 monthly)
  • Boulevardier ($400 monthly)
  • Vieux Carre ($400 monthly)
  • Sazerac ($400 monthly)
  • Scottish Rogue ($700 monthly)
  • Rusty Nail ($700 monthly)

  • 5 Liter Sourced Charred Barrel
  • All Ingredients including spirits
  • Mixologist to deliver and prepare the cocktail for aging inside of barrel
  • Box of 60 hand cut ice rocks