Bubbles Bar

Bubbles are elegant….they’re fun…they’re festival. But by themselves they don’t “pop” or saying anything specific about you, your story, your tastes, your colors, or really anything that makes YOU unique.

Solution = Sourced Bubbles Bar!

We’ve taken the Bubbles in a carefully selected dry Italian Prosecco and offered you four different Bubble Cocktails. This experience allows you to customize your tastes (peach,berry, blackberry, etc) as well as your presentation (colors, fruit, etc). In short, we made elegant also beautiful AND unique to YOU.

Your Experience Includes:

  • TABC certified and Sourced trained mixologist
  • Bella Fina Italian Prosecco and a range of Combier Fruit Liquors based on your interests, tastes, and desires.
  • All ingredients including fresh, hand cut fruit, bitters, and syrups
  • Scotsman ice to keep the Prosecco ice cold and shaken to perfection

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